Sunday, June 28, 2009

BAU @ Selayang Mall

Updated News After the event:

Huhuhuhu best.. Today kumpulan BAU performed at Selayang Mall. 2 songs, "Anggun" their new single and of coz the always no1 hit song is "Warkah".. terlompat-lompat me at the console, when they started to play the intro... huh...~~~~

Well everything goes well alhamdulillah... ini lah gambar kenangan with them. Allll of them with my brother Abun and bf Danny.

New on: 21th June

Heyaa People...!!!

Peminat BAU, Let's gather at Selayang Mall this coming Sunday

Date: 28th June 2009
Time: 4PM
Venue: Concourse Area Selayang Mall

Lets listen to the hits song "Warkah"!!!


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