Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Book - Perfect Phrases for Executive Presentations

Perfect Phrases for Executive Presentations.

I found this book very useful and interesting. To marketing person, i guess this book will make you be more confident to do a presentation.

Happy trying!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Updates - Chopie's Delight

Hello... it has been quite sometime i did not update my blog. Yes of course there's a lot of things happened in my life.

Beside became a wife to Dannyhan, i am busy with my companies and products. Yes i am a general manager to Aryuna Studio that are focusing on creative work, it is a creative house (not yet agency) but it will become an agency one day. I formed Aryuna Entertainment a subsidiary company of Aryuna Studio that will be focusing on entertainment biz... talent management, music & film promo and etc.

Recently, i formed another company...it actually long time ago. i just leave it behind. Well now i decided to do something with the company. therefore, i build Chopie's Delight - online bakery. Interesting right? i think yes... :D. We sell muffin, cupcake, cake, brownies and etc via online. You can take a look at it on our FB page... i make this for fun! i love sweets.... choc yes... i defined it as sexy. You can try it at Paradiso@Titiwangsa (a bungalow restaurant). They are our official partner.

Nothing much to say... just wanna share with you Chopie's Delight logo.... soon i will update the food picture.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Red Massacre Apparel

The Red Massacre is a Malaysia Streets clothing brand, designed by Danny Massacre.

About TRM:
"The Red Massacre is about Twisted Wonderland full of Macabre art, Fables and Grim Fantasy. Our Merchandise and Collectibles are design specifically for the gore art lovers TRM mission is to create a high standard apparels line with aesthetic value, with the illustration not bound to human minds TRM is creating a revolution one step at a time! With Passion we forge our our art with love so you can wear it proudly!

An attire worn with pride!
" - by TRM

Above photos is their 1st series called "BLOOD & STONES SERIES - THE FALLEN KING". So to those who are a metal lover, GET ONE as your collections.

There will be more series coming soon!

To order:
TheRedMassacre - Blood & Stones Series -

"The Fallen King Shirt"

RM60! free sticker while stock last
+RM10 for postage

Open for Pre Order Now!!!

Limited Quantities! No reprint!

Size available: XS,S,M,L,XL

HOW TO ORDER? Email us ur info


Online order: theredmassacre@gmail.com
SMS: 6017-335 3825 - Danny