Sunday, July 22, 2012

Updates - Chopie's Delight

Hello... it has been quite sometime i did not update my blog. Yes of course there's a lot of things happened in my life.

Beside became a wife to Dannyhan, i am busy with my companies and products. Yes i am a general manager to Aryuna Studio that are focusing on creative work, it is a creative house (not yet agency) but it will become an agency one day. I formed Aryuna Entertainment a subsidiary company of Aryuna Studio that will be focusing on entertainment biz... talent management, music & film promo and etc.

Recently, i formed another actually long time ago. i just leave it behind. Well now i decided to do something with the company. therefore, i build Chopie's Delight - online bakery. Interesting right? i think yes... :D. We sell muffin, cupcake, cake, brownies and etc via online. You can take a look at it on our FB page... i make this for fun! i love sweets.... choc yes... i defined it as sexy. You can try it at Paradiso@Titiwangsa (a bungalow restaurant). They are our official partner.

Nothing much to say... just wanna share with you Chopie's Delight logo.... soon i will update the food picture.

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