Wednesday, April 22, 2009

KRU 1st International Artist - Ladylike

Ladylike are a Swedish girl rock vocal band with four girl singers, Isabelle, Louise, Miranda and Valerie. The girls were cast by KRU following auditions of over six hundred girl singers from the whole of Scandinavia at Cosmos studios in Stockholm, Sweden where Abba and Roxette, amongst many other world artists, have recorded their albums. KRU Studios chose Sweden to look for its first talent in Europe as Sweden is world renowned for its world famous vocal artists including Robyn, Roxette, Dr. Albin, Ace of Base and of course Abba.

The Ladylike members were all chosen for their unique blend of talents including vocal talent, aura, image and positive personalities. All the girls were born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and in their early twenties.

Ladylike are KRU Studios first project in Europe and the first project of the newly formed KRU Europe Ltd, with its headquarters in central London, headed by Robert Bromley. Robert has had a vast experience in publishing and telecommunications, vital in today’s marketing of artists through mobile phones and internet digital downloads.

Aimed at a global audience, and singing in English, Ladylike have a unique rockier sound and image than other world-class girl bands. Together with their natural Swedish beauty and stage presence combined with a new fresh feeling production from KRU Studios top hit producing team, Ladylike aim to be a success wherever they perform.

Ladylike will be launched in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei first to establish them into the music market. Success in this region will give a tremendous boost to establishing Ladylike in other regions including Europe.

Recording of Ladylike’s first album produced by KRU Studios Art Director – Edry Abdul Halim, has just been completed at KRU studios in Kuala Lumpur. All the ten songs on the album have been taken from KRU’s vast catalogue of hits from Malaysia and Indonesia, re-arranged for an international market and completely re-written with new English lyrics.

“Sick” is written by Edry, Yusry and Norman and is a punk rock inspired hard hitting song establishing the edgy rock side of Ladylike.

“Dreaming of the time” is based on the original mega-hit Indonesian track “Teman Tapi Mesra” by Ratu rearranged by Edry, with English lyrics by Robert Bromley, into a feel-good summer inspired rock song.

“Shooting Star” is based on another original Indonesian mega-hit Indonesian track “Rahsia Perempuan” by Ari Lasso again rearranged by Edry with English lyrics by Robert Bromley bringing the edge back into Ladylike with this catchy rock song.

“Mind over matter” is written by Edry, Yusry and Norman

“Give your all to me” is written by Edry, Yusry and Norman

“I don’t want to be like that” is written by Edry, Yusry and Norman

“With you” is written by Edry, Yusry and Norman

“Never trust another woman” is written by Edry, Yusry and Norman

“Fool to believe” is written by Edry, Yusry and Norman

“Big boys” is written by Edry, Yusry and Norman

This is a must buy album for all those who love locally inspired mega-hits rearranged into international rock melodies.


edzlin007 said...

nanti dah keluar di pasaran beritahu ya, nak beli.

bazookaboom said...

ok, im an indonesian (the most smiling country in the world), hehehe. BTW "dreaming of the time" is from Indonesian singers "duo ratu" right? the notes are very similar but the language. ok you should collaborate some time with duo ratu or now named "duo maya".
its gonna be cool, i think. both have great voice

Anonymous said...

kalo tau lirik lagunya ladylike yang dreaming of time qrimini dund ke ue...