Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm ENGAGED to DANNYHAN MISKAM YEAY!!!!!!!! HOyeaaaayyyyY!!!!!
Heheheheh Alhamdulillah 5th Feb 2011 is the engagement day. It's a big memory. I'm happy to be Dannyhan's fiance. After 2 years (almost 3 la) being in a relationship, now we engaged. I'm booked, reserved by Dannyhan hahahahaha

Yeah yea yeah... i would like to share the pic with you absolutely. The hantaran 5 balas 7, made by me and Dannyhan. Experience it la... Lots of guest yang datang. My families, aunties, uncles, nannies and frens. Insyallah ikat setahun, paling awal akan berlangsung Dec 2011. Nantikan k... Doa kan kebahagiaan kami selamanya... amin :D

Now, enjoy the pic! wanna see more? check my FB acc.

Aha.... lama tak updates this blog. Anyway to update the blog must have updated story kan? Yess of coz i ada latest news!


edzlin007 said...

Tahniah Kak Ayu dan Abg Danny. wah buat sendiri, lagi best.

Dannyhan said...

hahahaha thank you lin..
yup buat sendiri... seronok tau :D