Friday, July 30, 2010

Asian Bloggers and Social Media Conference 2010

2 days conference at Berjaya Time Square Hotel listened to good speakers and bloggers about How to use social media in a correct way.

Among the speakers:
1. Yang Amat Berbahgia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysian 4th Prime Minister
2. Beng Soo Ong, Professor Of Marketing California State University
3. Dato Sri Tony Fernandes, CEO Air Asia
4. Ron Angeles, Founder and Author Social Media Philippines
5. Ahmad Nazuwan, Blogger Beautiful Nara
6. Joyce Wong, Blogger KinkyBlueFairy
7. Michael Netzley, Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication Practice, S'pore
8. Khailee Ng, Executive Director, Youth Asia malaysia
9. Paul Moss, GM-Platform, Technology and New Business Alt Media (media Prima)
10. Donna Imson, QNet, Malaysia
11.Eddie Law, Founder & Blogger
12. Iim Fahima Jachja, Online Marketing Communication Strategist Indonesia
13. Oliver "Blogie" Robilo, Blogger Philippines
14. Amit Varma, BloggerIndia Uncut, India
15. Niki Cheong, Blogger/Journalist
16. Ahmad Izham Khairuddin, Head Of Outreach Department, CyberSecurity
17. Kenny Sia, Blogger

It's wonderful to know about tips and strategy of using social media to partly sharing with people information that we have. To me, what i've learned from the 2 days conference is, we need to know:
a. Who is your target viewer
b. Your blog or post must have a good topic or title
c. Dont tell about yourself but you can give yourself as example
d. Share informaion that people would like to know
e. layout and design must be interesting
f. reference (video/photo/link & etc)
g. add in gadget or widget
h. as for business, make it become a free advertising buy uploading your video commercial into a You Tube our your page

and lots more...

I am looking forward to attend event like this to gain more knowledge on how to make my blog, my page or facebook looks interesting.

Only have a photo taken during the event. I will try to upload the photo a.s.a.p.


edzlin007 said...

best nya. ada terbaca mengenainya sebelum ini. hmm, nice layout :)

Ayu Ramli said...

thank you lin....
cool giler.. ni kak ayu ambil dari layout sedia ada dalam blogspot..