Thursday, September 3, 2009

KLUE Mag: 20 Under 40 Issue

KRU Studios (Norman, Yusry & Edry Abdul Halim)

I started working for KRU Studios two years ago. Previously, I was in an international recording company and the switch to KRU Studios was so different. Working here, and with the three brothers, offers and experience that I never got at my previous job. Here, the experience is more well-rounded. You get to see a project all the way through-from idea conception to the finished product, where my role as the Head of Promotions kick in. I've learnt a lot from them because they each havr such different characters in the workplace. Norman is the marketing guru-he's very good at presenting his case and promoting the work. Yusry lives in his own world and is an orignal-he's the one to go for when it comes to film production. And Edry, he's the composer, the music man-always making sure that films from KRU Studios are scored well. We've got back to back projects right now: Jin Notti, Deadline, Planet 51 and My Spy are all film to be released by end of 2009 and we have Magika lined up for 2010. We're demand because of KRU Studios's commitment to creativity and quality of products.

-As told to KLUE by Ayu Ramli, Head Of Promotions at KRU Studios-


edzlin007 said...

WOW! it's the only thing i can say.

QuaChee said...

wonderful! i think kru can go far! :) (and am hoping so - good for malaysia & malaysia media) :)