Sunday, May 25, 2008

Get to know me!


This is my first time creating own blog. But before we talk about the blog, let me introduce lil bit bout myself... basically, "Get To Know Me" laaa...

i'm 24 years old well (1983) hehhee (rasa tua jugak dah ni)... but chill! I'm doing promotion in established recording labels (no need to mention name lah k). Kind of happy go lucky, easy going, smart (i guess), aggressive, emotional (agak ah), serious (when comes to work). I'm Sagittarius! hehehe well u know lah how honest Sagittarius can be... uhuhuhuhu.... I'm single, not looking for a relationship (at this moment). I like to play pool, watching cartoon, action movies and tamil movie too...! (i dunno why).

I like exotic animals. I like world music. I like to be alone, but love to write as well. Lots of things that i wanted to share, but we go slowly k.

My blog will be more towards general things not focusing on certain issue. It covered:

- music industry

- film industry

- personal

- love

- family

- hobbies


Please and please feel free to drop by and share your opinions and ideas!...

Takecare n Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

ayu! saja nak drop comment kat page tatau nk comment apa..(IZWA)

chRis said...


You have a blog and didn't tell me? Visit mine as well ya..