Thursday, May 29, 2008

29th May

Not really sure apa yang di cari dalam hidup. Kejayaan, kerjaya, kebahagiaan, kesempurnaan?? arrghh tau tak yang mana satu... when i think about it, seems like i need all. But there is none of it perfect as how I want it to be.
Personal life; I always want the person that i care for to be the special one in my life. But never happend. Aha... pity me i guess! or maybe i chose a wrong step. Well cant really get the answer.
He; he is just everything... one after Tuan CEO. Well, i'm not sure where the relationship end. Maybe it will never end as we are just a fren that care about each other. But what was happend before doesn't looks like a fren. Haiihhh.... again!... I play with my heart!
Just let it be... as i always said - dont wanna chase and dont wanna hold any relationship now!
Huhuhu.. May Allah Bless Me!

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